Excerpt: Momma’s Journal

I reached for my journal, but I stopped short when my eyes fell on the empty space on my desk where the battered leather book was supposed to be. And then I remembered. In a flash of white-hot rage my hand swiped across the surface of the desk, sending books and papers and office supplies … Continue reading Excerpt: Momma’s Journal


Grinding the Blade

Social Health

The following is a piece written by a Veteran who prefers to remain anonymous. If this resonates with you, please share your experience below.

I need to compete.
I need the eyes of judgement and assessment on me holding me accountable.
I need the struggle and hardship of pushing myself to be better, mentally and physically.
I need to sweat, breath heavy until the taste of metal creeps into my throat, I need the pain of pushing my physical limits.
I need hard work.
I thrive in this primitive element of strain.

Call me simple, but I need to be on edge, sharp, always honing the blade.

Life’s struggles has had that blade smashed on a rock until dull and bent, that primitive animal state, emaciated. ‘Like driving a Ferrari with the e-brake on’ a friend once told me.

There is a way back. I just need to find it.

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