The Tattoo Project: Keegan

I requested to be stationed in Japan [with the Marines]…I loved the element of culture that I saw. I wanted to experience it for myself; I thought it would be fun, and it was. I would go back [to Japan], in a heartbeat. I would live there.

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The Tattoo Project: Gabe

The a is in brackets, because, if you take out the a, the rest of the words spell “revel”. To revel is to understand, to dwell, on something. Surround yourself with it. That’s the goal of our lives – to dwell on the things of our faith. Whether it be… [Continue reading]

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Anxiety Is…

Anxiety isn’t always “panic attacks”. Anxiety is sitting upright at your desk with a smile on your face…while a barrage of random thoughts rage so violently in your head that your ears are literally buzzing. It’s sitting at that same desk, working feverishly to note every word the professor says…not because you care that much, […]

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Excerpt: Momma’s Journal

I reached for my journal, but I stopped short when my eyes fell on the empty space on my desk where the battered leather book was supposed to be. And then I remembered. In a flash of white-hot rage my hand swiped across the surface of the desk, sending books and papers and office supplies […]

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Short Story: The Bully

Imagine seeing the world through red-tinted glasses. Red’s linked to aggressive behavior – that’s what the scientists say, isn’t it? So imagine seeing everything in red, all the time. Imagine that anger boiling in your blood, every second of the day. Like an unquenchable, raging forest fire, increasing in its fury and wrath as it […]

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Li’l General

This is a story I did for the Springfield News-Sun as part of my journalism practicum. As I’ve been telling everyone I talk to about covering this story, it’s easily one of the best stories I’ve covered yet. I haven’t posted a ‘people’ story in a while, and so in light of the fact that I will […]

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