My Story: The Palm Reader

I looked at her with confused eyes, hoping desperately that she could not see—or feel—the fear that sent chills down my spine. My heart pounded wildly against my ribs.

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My Story: How did I get here?

By this point, a lot of changes had happened in my family’s life. Namely, my parents got divorced. Which meant we would no longer be joining Dad in Michigan…We didn’t have much money. And it was looking like the only way we’d be able to stay in Maryland was if we moved to an apartment in the sketchy part of town…

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The Tattoo Project: Cameron

I was involved in the music festival scene for a summer. I went to music festivals and made friends with many other people there. We considered each other family, and still do to this day. But, in that scene, drugs, magic, music, and borderline cult-y experiences were the norm. And as you can imagine, this […]

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