About the Author

Naomi H.Hello friend!

Thanks for dropping by! The name’s Naomi. I am a writer and self-taught photographer with a love for telling stories. My favorite subject is people, and I love a good life story. I’m also a huge fan of concept art with really deep meanings (you’ll probably see a lot of that showing up on here).

Born in Washington, I lived in three different states before the age of 7, spent most of my life in Maryland, got my Bachelor’s in Journalism in Ohio, and finally landed a job in central Pennsylvania. If I had to describe my life in just one word, it would be “whirlwind”. Since day one, it’s been one continuous, wild adventure.

I have a variety of hobbies that I either pursue with every last ounce of energy, or completely forget I enjoy doing them. There is no in-between. A few of those include reading books, attempting to write fiction, drawing horses, making crafty things, failing in the kitchen, or just staring into space daydreaming about the day I can finally have my own dog while aimlessly scrolling through my Pinterest feed.

And no matter what I am doing, I almost always have a mug of coffee with me.