Welcome to my mind.


I am an artist. A student. A thinker. A bookworm. A hopeless coffee addict. And according to Myers and Briggs a ridiculously rare and confusing walking contradiction trapped inside a human body.

Above all else, I am a writer.

This blog was created as an outlet. Here you will find an open gateway to the deepest depths of my mind. Through my posts you will learn more about me, how I perceive the world around me. And you will also learn more about the people around me, as I share their stories alongside my own.

I write what’s on my mind, raw and unfiltered. Sometimes it’s funny, Sometimes it’s random musings that are hopefully inspirational. Sometimes it’s dark and kind of uncomfortable. Welcome to my mind.

So instead of wasting your time on one of these silly bio’s, I’ll just let you dive right in. I do hope my words can have some meaning for you, inspire or enlighten or encourage you in some way. That’s the goal whenever I sit at this keyboard, or lean over my notebook, to let the words flow.