Short Fiction: Lucy

“Do you ever wonder if it’s worth it?”
She squinted into the darkness, trying to get a glimpse of the detail in his face. “Sometimes I do.”

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Contemporary Dance

Originally posted on INTJargon:
At the theater, I sit and watch as a distanced and detached observer — an admirer from afar.  How they’re so in tuned with their bodies, how they’re so comfortable with that much physical contact and touching, how they’re so at ease with being watched. It incites neither envy nor jealousy, just…

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How Else Can I Express It?

Originally posted on INTJargon:
How else can I express The sadness I feel? Everything I touch turns to dust I don’t want to pull others down with me I don’t want my sadness to envelop others Day by day The darkness grows in strength and volume Seeping into every crack and crevice Blinding my vision…

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